New music: Winter – Healing (Bar None Records)

New music: Winter – Healing (Bar None Records)

Hypnotic, distorted, gentle but clear – sink into the new single from LA-via-Brazil dreampop artist Winter.

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Winter by Walker Lewis - press shotArtist: Winter
Track: Healing
Label: Bar None Records
Released: 19 June 2020
Find it: Spotify | Bandcamp

Ankle deep in bone-chillingly cold water the tide pushes and pulls gently and insistently against you. The sand shifts beneath your feet giving a visceral awareness of the world moving and the illusion of stillness you hold. Everything bends around the light, the flow, the feel. You bend with it, succumbing.

On latest single Healing, LA-via-Brazil artist Winter (Samira Winter if we want to get personal) there’s a melodic moulding and a vocal coolness which doesn’t just drag you in but makes you part of their musical world. Taken from forthcoming album Endless Space (Between You & I) the track is probably best pitched in to the dreampop genre, but that misses much of the vivid yet understated detail – shoegaze and drone passages, experimental twists and reversals, traditionally influenced refrains.

“I keep looking to find ways of healing /  I’m so done with the way that I’m feeling” 

With a gossamer light delivery belying the deep introspection and personal nature of the lyrics there is an ’80s clip to the percussion bringing to mind the alt-pop of The The as much as the spiralling patterns of Mazzy Star or the echoing spaces of Everything But The Girl.

In under three minutes Healing gives the sensation of timelessness, of feelings which never really leave us even if they fade, and the memories we are pinned to and to which we must return as surely as that tide returns to shore. It adds the detail of manipulated sound missing from much dreampop, immersing you, bending around you and within you.

Find Winter: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp | Spotify

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