Dimorphodons – Searching for Dimorphodons (Hand of Glory)

Dimorphodons – Searching for Dimorphodons (Hand of Glory)

Allow yourself to be blasted by the full force psych storm of this first single from Dimorphodons, released on the Hand of Glory label. 

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Dimorphodons - Searching for Dimorphodons single coverArtist: Dimorphodons
Track: Searching for Dimorphodons
Label: Hand of Glory
Released: 9 July 2020
Find it: Spotify | Bandcamp

Dimorphodons: 1) medium sized pterosaurs from the Jurassic period 2) master of the psych storm, a freakbeat grand wizard

The first single to be released under this moniker and introducing the forthcoming EP of the same name (due in September) Searching for Dimorphodons is an absolute trip of audacious psych rock.

The result of a singular vision where Dimorphodons birthed the track alone – writing, recording, producing and mixing – he told Clash, “It required a few obsessive attempts to nail the right feeling for this song, but it kept coming out too clean when recorded properly.

“In the end, holing up overnight in an abandoned barn and smashing out a really frenetic version into a dictaphone got the vibe I was after. As the recording went on, a storm swept in and the thunder and lightning bolts felt like another musician to play against.”

With vocal waves of arpeggios crashing up against the force of the music the pure energy of this track and its means of creation are hard to escape. Standing dignified and true musician battles against music, drawing us in and keeping us at safe distance as forces clash. It’s rough around the edges yet conjures a detailed ‘fantasy world’ around you – it’s tagged as lo-fi but couldn’t be more rich. Full of grandiose and spinning psych and expertly handled it brings the best of Prog rock boundary pushing while side-stepping any hint of pomposity.

A performer who wouldn’t be out of place at the UFO Club, a track saturated with Renaissance magic, and an offer you can’t refuse to be guided on a magnificent and other-worldly freakbeat trip. Give in, and get on it.

Find Dimorphodons: Bandcamp | Spotify | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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