Kat Five – Switch (self-released)

Kat Five – Switch (self-released)

Kat Five released Perfect, the latest drop to Switch – her contribution to the Positive Songs Project showing a lighter side to the musician to her usual dark electronica. 

Kat FiveArtist: Kat Five
EP: Switch
Label: Self-released
Released: 22 April 2020 – with new tracks being added over time
Find it: Bandcamp | Soundcloud 

The myth of the suffering artist is being challenged by the Positive Song Project as they invite contributors to continue to put art out into the world and write from a place of happiness, even what could be a time of great despair. Kat Five is one of those taking up the baton and is now three songs in to her collection – Switch – with the release of latest track Perfect.

The rules for the challenge here are pretty simple – no previously written material – this is about creation and pushing ourselves as songwriters; and these songs must be original – instrumentals are welcome and encouraged if the lyrics won’t come or that’s not your thing. Co-writes welcome with permission of all artists involved.

For Kat Five this has seen three releases since April – the electro-vortex of Kiss Kiss, the nature psych and field recordings of Blackbird, and the skittering groove and spoken word of latest addition Perfect.

‘If it’s perfect you can put a price on it / reality is priceless / perfection is suspect / reality is respect’

This latest track has a warm and rounded beat, as commentary is softly spoken over the verses taking a look at the societal drive for perfection, the expectations, the clinical nature of everything honed too far. The verses are sung, imitative polyphony between the melody and the vocal, drifting away into soft harmonies. The happiness and confidence in the truth imperfections bring is clear in the voice.

Earlier tracks bring in different aspects of Kat’s songwriting but are imbued with that same happiness, the same confidence, and a playfulness in stepping away from the usually dark electronica she produces solo and as part of Feral Five.

Blackbird in particular is full of joy along with eastern rhythms, and chunkier guitars as birdsong shimmers alongside percussion. It’s hypnotic and meditative yet anything but still as you’re swept up into the arms of the track and find yourself infected with its that ebullience at its melodic centre.

With more still to come from Kat Five for her collection we’ll be being sure to check back in, but also to head to Positive Song Project to hear from some of the other contributors.

Find Kat Five: Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify | Resonate

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