Rosehip Teahouse – Thought Number 3 (Sad Club Records)

Rosehip Teahouse – Thought Number 3 (Sad Club Records)

Rosehip Teahouse releases new single Thought Number 3 through Sad Club Records, ahead of debut EP Chillin’ In The Void due in August. 

Rosehip TeahouseArtist: Rosehip Teahouse
Track: Thought Number 3
Label: Sad Club Records
Released: 31 July 2020
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With the delicate vocals Rosehip Teahouse have become synonymous with the Cardiff five-piece release another single from their debut EP, with Thought Number 3.

The band continue to excel at this gently melodic but emotionally raw indiepop, standing apart in the genre with the addition of subtle details, pinpricks of brightness: stars against the sky-wide vocals.

At under two minutes the song is a comforting hymn for those of us who have been kept small in seemingly never-ending darkness by our own thoughts. As the chords echo, and the keys sparkle in and out it takes your hand softly when you wonder if you’d be better off dead, and takes those racing thoughts trying to second, third and fourth guess a situation and slows them with the woozy key melody. It beats with you, solidarity and strength in the repeating of ‘sometimes’ until the song fades, trembling under the weight of honesty and the delicate melody.

Songwriter Faye Rogers said of the track, “I wrote this song a couple of years back now. I was really struggling with my mental health, and this song was my expression of feeling as if my problems were stopping me from being able to live my life in the way I wanted to.

“The version of this song on the EP is the one I recorded the day I finished writing the song in 2017, miserable in my room at my parents’ house using a cheap microphone and Garageband on an old Macbook that I was putting off returning to my ex. It feels like a long time ago now, but every time I hear it, it feels like 3am in that room.”

The track is taken from a forthcoming debut EP, Chillin’ In The Void, out 14 August on Sad Club Records.

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Rosehip Teahouse was one of the selections on episode 17 of God Is In The TV’s Show Me Magic! podcast where Popoptica editor Sarah Lay was the guest – hear the episode here (with a track from Oceanator too).

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