Hex Poseur – Quiet (Punk Fox Records)

Hex Poseur – Quiet (Punk Fox Records)

Taking elements of metal, grunge, and punk while tackling issues including misogyny in the music industry Leicester’s Hex Poseur has released a debut physical single through Punk Fox. 

Hex Poseur Keep It Quiet cover artArtist: Hex Poseur
Tracks: Quiet
Label: Punk Fox
Released: 16 April 2020
Find it: Bandcamp | Spotify

To be a womxn is to be a contortionist. This is not new news.

It is to be pretty, and quiet and compliant. It is to have our rage, our hurt, our being, fetishised. It is to be rejected when we presents in any way other than what is deemed acceptable. Standing with agency is so often reduced to being ‘difficult’. All before we even come to how often we are talked over, explained to, or have our ideas ‘brojacked’ and presented back to us as original thought.

So, every day we twist to navigate the ever-changing course, we become numb to best of the worst, and internalise the other bits. We are the acrobat jumping through hoops and balancing on that high wire between the expectations and our true self.

Until we’re not and we refuse to conform for someone else’s comfort anymore. Enter Hex Poseur‘s recent single Quiet.

‘Better to lie / don’t cry / or even make a sound / better to hide / don’t want to push your weight around’

It creeps in on bassline tip-toes, all contained frustration and inherited knowledge of how we should be. With a stutter the vocal line steps around the notes with a list of ways we should diminish ourselves. Until, no longer, and the chorus explodes in pent up emotion, and big sludgy riffs. Taking influence from PJ Harvey and X Ray Spex among others the finesse with which blunt blows of raging power are delivered is a thrilling listen.

The track comes paired with Overdrive – a full out thrasher of racing punk with Phrygian flavour to the melodic breaks. The mid-section breaks down into drone before pounding back in to a full throttle race to the end, all clicking sticks and thick guitars.

Hailing from Leicester Hex Poseur has made a blistering entry to the scene confidently tackling personal and often difficult themes and blending genres to make this ideologically punk but just as likely to bring in elements of alt-rock or metal. An artist who won’t be contained by labels or expectations we’re already impatient to hear more.

Quiet / Overdrive is Hex Poseur’s first physical release and is available as a red/black 7″ from Punk Fox Records.

Find Hex Poseur: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp | Spotify

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