Order of the Toad – Do It With Feeling (Reckless Yes / Gringo Records)

Order of the Toad – Do It With Feeling (Reckless Yes / Gringo Records)

Order of the Toad release a second single – Do It With Feeling – from their forthcoming second album Re-Order of the Toad, due for an autumn release on Reckless Yes and Gringo Records.

Order of the Toad

Artist: Order of the Toad
Track: Do It With Feeling
Label: Reckless Yes / Gringo Records
Released: 14 August 2020
Find it: YouTube

Harking back to the halcyon days of psych pop – all deep bass grooves and spiralling melody, enticing vocals and repeating lyrical commands – Do It With Feeling, the second single from Order of the Toad‘s forthcoming second album, nevertheless sounds completely fresh.

With a laid back, hippieish vibe, the mellow is interrupted deeper into the track by runs of staccato drums and hammered notes before slipping back into a melody which on repeat listens wavers between pastoral paradise and somewhere altogether more sinister. We risked cliche in our review of previous single Lady’s Mantle, saying the band are quite unlike anything else around right now, and we stand by that assertion.

‘Stop right now / Start Again / Do It With Feeling’

A Glasgow-based trio formed by Gemma Fleet (The Wharves), Robert Sotelo (who you’ll know from Upset the Rhythm) and Christopher Taylor Order of the Toad released their first album via Cusp in 2018. It set out their sound as somewhere between baroque pop and devotional, with a healthy dose of Laurel Canyon atmospherics, and they’ve built on this further with second album Re-Order of the Toad.

While earlier single Lady’s Mantle was firmly planted in the magic of the natural world, and the healing properties of plants, Do It With Feeling evokes the smoke and shadow filled corners of some long-ago ’60s nightclub. As soon as it lulls you into relaxed reverie it demands your attention again with those pointed passages. And that attention is well-deserved – you won’t want to miss a single detail in the lush world created for you to explore here.

The band’s second album, Re-Order of the Toad, is set for release on vinyl, CD and digital via Reckless Yes and Gringo Records on 2 October 2020 with a pre-order available now through Bandcamp.

Find Order of the Toad: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp | Spotify

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* Disclaimer: Sarah Lay is co-founder of Reckless Yes so is partially responsible for the release of this track. However, she would only release or write about music she really loved so this is more about enthusiasm for great music, and great artists than it is touting her own wares.

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