BYENARY – Princess Give A Fuck (Hell Hath No Fury)

BYENARY – Princess Give A Fuck (Hell Hath No Fury)

Queercore punk duo BYENARY lead into their debut album with the release of single Princess Give A Fuck via independent label Hell Hath No Fury.
Byenary by Jemima Yong
Track: Princess Give A Fuck
Label: Hell Hath No Fury
Released: 28 August 2020
Find it: Bandcamp

With a raging release of frustration Princess Give A Fuck, taken from queercore duo BYENARY‘s debut album, snarls and seethes through a sub-3 minute deconstruction of heteropatriarchal confines.

In an fast, furious, and experience-driven anthem of trans liberation the band draw a line on conforming for other’s comfort, dismiss gender stereotypes, and make this sound like the final blast of energy they’ll be giving to explaining their identity to those who may never understand or accept. Before the celebration of self and the uplift of community there has to come a clearing and this track sounds exactly like that – the final venting and casting off of the shackles of other’s expectations.

With chunky guitar riffs, playful percussion, and a pounding rhythm kept at the fore there is a repeating drive of lyrical refrains which bluntly and viscerally offers solidarity to those in the trans community. It’s not for me to speak of that experience but it seems these are the voices which need to be heard: no more convincing and debating, but standing in their power and demanding to be given the same identity acceptance  cisgendered people so take for granted. There is no othering to be found in the uncompromising sound and theme here.

‘I’m so tired of my personality / being held against me constantly’

Of the album Chuck said, “I wanted to write a record that makes trans people feel empowered. When we talk about trans issues, we tend to talk about the violence that we experience. We spend more energy educating cispeople than we do creating spaces to lift each other up. We’re an incredible community capable of extraordinary things, we need more spaces where we can celebrate each other.”

The album from which the track comes was successfully crowdfunded. Writing on Kickstarter before the campaign the band said, “Many trans fans now have exclaimed their desire to be able to listen to BYENARY from the comfort of their own bedroom, and share their songs with people who have not yet been able to make it to a show. This is so important to us, Transgender people have been given a bare minimum of representation. Everybody should have music that they can relate too.”

BYENARY release their self-titled album on 28 August 2020 through Hell Hath No Fury.

Find BYENARY: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp

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