Macajey – Walkin’ (self-released)

Macajey – Walkin’ (self-released)

Forget about the uncertainty of the future and let yourself be present in the present with laid-back indie single Walkin’ from Macajey. 

MacejeyArtist: Macajey
Track: Walkin’
Label: self-released
Released: 11 August 2020
Find it: Bandcamp | Spotify

No shortage of the articles on this very site open by setting the stage with firm reminders we’re navigating through a global pandemic, and it can seem impossible to escape the regular news bulletins to our phones or other screens – unyielding data on deaths and infected. Near everyone in the modern world is plugged in to the constant stream of terrifying information that begets “what-if” panic. But what if we step away from all that?

It’s all too easy to forget what really even exists among us when our realities are so claustrophobic; too simple to just lose sight of the ineffable beauty of nature, and being in the moment without any care for the future.

Estonian indie artist Macajey’s newest track couldn’t have come at a much better time then – Walkin’ is the second single from upcoming album Daydreamin’ and according to Macajey himself is about, “taking a nice stroll with no objective; letting your mind drift, noticing scenery you might not normally pay attention to, and having insights about life on those walks.”

That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Such a simple premise with no pretences, just purely about appreciating what beauty and significance the natural world provides, and taking some much needed calming-down-time to be introspective and reflect on existence.

‘Walkin’ serene on paths that are meant to be / Connected through a multiverse of time and space’

After a low-key intro, the chill beat reminiscent of modern lo-fi hip hop favourites begins to tap along, briskly but effortlessly carrying the track as it strolls gently through the proverbial scenery guided by ethereal and soft yet grand vocals that wash in and out, warming psychedelic tones from the guitar lead, and a supportive constantly humming bass synth.

All of the above create a layered acoustic realm that sonically pulls together a comforting, uplifting sense that everything might just be okay, so long as we can appreciate the immediate. Others have drawn comparisons to acts such as Beach Fossils, and it’s easy to see why – the shimmering sounds of summer that offer solace to a world in desperate need of that are clearly a commonality.

In the current climate, we really could use a lot more mindful, meditative odes to simplicity without the impending pressure of an “objective” as Macajey puts it, or really anything outside of the direct present. Walkin’ aims to help you untether your overactive thoughts from your body to let you just be, amongst some relaxingly transcendental tones. Not only that, but I suspect it would provide a perfect backdrop for a gentle evening walk in the woods – one where you don’t just look, mind you, but actually see.

Walkin’ is from the forthcoming album Daydreamin’ from Macajey, due out on 7 October 2020.

Find Macajey: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

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