Nia Wyn x Shuko x KinKai – I Ain’t Finished Yet (For the Love of It)

Nia Wyn x Shuko x KinKai – I Ain’t Finished Yet (For the Love of It)

Nia Wyn teams up with German producer Shuko and Manchester rapper KinKai for latest jazz hop single I Ain’t Finished Yet.

Artist: Nia Wyn with KinKai and Shuko
Track: I Ain’t Finished Yet
Label: For The Love Of It
Released: 4 September 2020
Find it: Spotify

Nia WynIt’s been somewhat of a trend in recent years (with the advent of livestreaming in particular) for certain continuous broadcasts on the web to be of a particular nature – lo-fi and chill hip hop beats. Specifically, these broadcasts often tout themselves as beats to which a listener might perform certain actions, be it studying (it’s usually studying), reading, or the most ambiguous of all – chilling. 

The concept of every single one of these streams is to provide ambience, a series of relaxing cuts to which a listener can calmly, passively complete whatever mundane tasks they might need without a lick of stress in sight – guided to the ever sought-after state of “chill” by none other than uplifting and tranquil tunes. Popularity wise, these things are enormous and so should indicate a modern love, a surge in a attention for low-key beats captained by effortless grooves: something Nia Wyn provides in spades in her newest track, I Ain’t Finished Yet, in a collaboration with producer Shuko and Manchester rapper KinKai. 

This affinity for laid back jams with a positive outlook is captured with aplomb by Wyn – soulful Winehouse-esque honeyed vocals guide an opening verse through one of the coziest atmospheres I’ve ever experienced. Complete with vinyl crackle and echoey sax over hazy guitar twangs and fluid, jazzy keys, I Ain’t Finished Yet works tirelessly to channel the spirit of accessible, bouncy jazz-influenced R&B and the result is something which sonically conveys the mentality behind the lyrics almost perfectly. Textually, and according to Wyn’s own description, this particular track is about “facing set-backs but coming out stronger and more resilient”, a simple concept that is complemented by the all round good vibes radiating from the core of the song. 

Another aspect in particular worth noting is the contribution from Manchester based rapper KinKai, whose emotional and lamenting verse provides the ultimate contrast the song is searching for without losing a shred of the groovy rhythmic backdrop. It’s an uplifting and optimistic environment no doubt, but it is so because of what precluded it; the “set-backs” spoken of by Wyn.

Ultimately the product of these three unique forces collaborating is a wonderfully agreeable and  catchy jam that makes me feel like sipping black coffee and staring out into the rain, as pensive and contemplative as I am self-assured. Whatever hardships the listener might be facing shouldn’t fade away but instead be worn as a badge of honour that revitalises their soul – and just what would such an event be if not accompanied by easy & comforting jazz hop?

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