Hearts Beating In Time – Simone’s (Reckless Yes)

Hearts Beating In Time – Simone’s (Reckless Yes)

Hearts Beating In Time has just signed to Reckless Yes and the first release with them is dreamy and dark electropop single Simone’s.

Hearts Beating In Time by Leo Chircop Artist: Hearts Beating In Time
Track: Simone’s
Label: Reckless Yes
Released: 30 October 2020
Find it: Spotify | Bandcamp

Everything has its own heart beat. We each expand and contract around our own beats – the flutter of excitement, the race of anxiety, the plod of ennui. Our connections are a different beat, and a place has it’s own rhythm too. A city pulses, a city sleeps, but it certainly lives around all it contains. Sometimes we find ourselves hopelessly off-beat with what and who is around us, other times we find our hearts beating in time.

With first single, Simone’s, for label Reckless Yes Hearts Beating In Time quietly plant this idea – not only with their name but with the subject of the track, and beyond this through their subtle but expansive dreampop sound. The solo project of Rebecca Theuma, who spends her time between Malta and Berlin, there is lo-fi element, strong pop sensibilities, and the twinkling lights and swelling beats of late night conversation. It makes for a track which is dark and dreamy, with a chilled melody soothing the spiralling anxiety taking hold lyrically.

‘Does it ever feel as if the world will end tomorrow / there is nothing that can save you / from feeling sad and hollow’

Of the track Rebecca said: This song tells the story of two close friends wandering the streets of their new home; the city of Berlin. They meet at a bar called ‘Simone’s Kleine Kneipe’ and spend the night walking around in the cold, until they can’t go any further and sit on a bench talking about everything and nothing until the sun comes up. The song is a result of this night-long conversation.”

Having created a couple of bedroom pop albums since starting the solo project in 2018 Hearts Beating In Time brings together an introspective personal tale in a way which will resonate with many – the wondering thoughts matching wandering feet, the endless nature of city streets and conversations which are all journey and no destination, the soft doubts about purpose creeping around all our lives right now.

Muted but motorik beats, sparkling and expansive synths, and ethereal layered vocals – this is a song you can sink into from an artist you’ll want to hear more from.

Simone’s is out digitally now via Reckless Yes.

Find Hearts Beating In Time: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp
Image: Leo Chircop

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* Disclaimer: Sarah Lay is co-founder of Reckless Yes so is partially responsible for the release of this single. However, she would only release or write about music she really loved so this is more about enthusiasm for great music, and great artists than it is touting her own wares.

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