Eliza Spear – I Don’t Want To Be A Hero (self-released)

Eliza Spear – I Don’t Want To Be A Hero (self-released)

With a Country twang to the lullaby lines, and lyrical reflections in praise of the magic of the ordinary life I Don’t Want To Be A Hero is the latest song from American songwriter Eliza Spear.

Eliza SpearArtist: Eliza Spear
Track: I Don’t Want To Be A Hero
Label: Self-released
Released: 1 January 2021
Find it: Spotify

There’s a lullaby melody running strong and soothing, the melancholy of Country twang offset by the possibilities of the lyrics, in the latest single from American singer-songwriter Eliza Spear, I Don’t Want To Be A Hero.

Pleading the case for living smaller and leaning in to the ordinary the weight of not just adulthood but the modern world sits across the song. References are muted but still it hunkers there, driving the desire to have simpler things filling the days, and to live with what you’ve got rather than chase and labour for something out of reach.

Delicate and keening Spear’s voice weaves through finger-picked guitar lines as the track evokes wholesome imagery and reaches not for the grand gesture but the simple connection. It may not be political but these feelings are just as much a reflection of our times as songs which centre the state of everything.

‘I can’t be what they need me to be / God Knows though you try / you can’t fix everything’

Previous single If I Don’t Try was rewarded with the The 2020 Jay Gorney ASCAP Award, recognising the mastery of not only compositional elements and songwriting craft but Spear’s lyrical context too. Those elements can be applauded here too as Spear’s shows small and somewhat unassuming songs can be the most emotionally resonant, and brings truism to I Don’t Want To Be A Hero‘s lyrics by delivering a song who’s real beauty and pleasure is in its simplicity and honesty.

I Don’t Want To Be A Hero by Eliza Spear is out now digitally.

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