DJFP – Missin It / Buth Foresight (Amateur Pop Incorporated)

DJFP – Missin It / Buth Foresight (Amateur Pop Incorporated)

There’s not much to be found on the mysterious DJFP but what is known is the debut double-A release via Amateur Pop Incorporated is some gorgeous glitchy alt-pop you’ll find yourself sinking into.

DJFP Missin It / Buth Foresight cover art

Artist: DJFP
Tracks: Missin It / Buth Foresight
Label: Amateur Pop Incorporated|
Released: 22 January 2021
Find it: Bandcamp | Spotify

In these days of reliance on social media, and sharing our curated selves for in the hope of engagement with our craft, it’s sort of hard to be mysterious. It’s certainly becoming more unusual to push the music to the front, keep the artist in the shadows, and skip the idea that we can only connect to sound if it is attached very directly to a person.

But here we are, the enigmatic DJFP, are managing it with a debut double-A release of Missin It and Buth Foresight for Leicester-based label Amateur Pop Incorporated.

Missin It is a darkened room you are feeling your way through, tentatively pulling aside curtains only to find the way forward is still shrouded yet enticingly calling you onward. There’s an industrial edge to the shimmering spanks opening up the track and just as you get a hold and start to follow the keening melody line it drops out and is replaced by sharp and discordant percussion.

Flowing steadily into Buth Foresight here we find a rhythm straying between military formality, high-speed chatter, and bass-through-the-walls echo. Across it is insectesque squalls build and imitate the organic in this very digital soundscape. The melody here softens out, becomes more rounded and warm even as the loops begin to degrade into nursery rhyme short refrains, then choral notes dragged from reluctant instruments, and a warning shake breaks through it all.

With a single vocal sample used sparingly across both tracks this debut release is as unsettling as it is compelling, full of intrigue and challenge, and the realisation that we don’t need to see the artist laid bare on social media to fully immerse ourselves in the soundscape they’ve created.

Missin It / Buth Foresight is out digitally now on Amateur Pop Incorporated.

Find DJFP: Bandcamp | Spotify

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