Gordian Stimm – Flirty Lucre for Public Sector (Amateur Pop Incorporated)

Gordian Stimm – Flirty Lucre for Public Sector (Amateur Pop Incorporated)

Dropped as an instrumental ‘cutting room floor’ project as a Bandcamp exclusive it’s the new EP from Gordian Stimm – Flirty Lustre for Public Sector – on Amateur Pop Inc. 

Gordian StimmArtist: Gordian Stimm
Tracks: Flirty Lucre for Public Sector
Label: Amateur Pop Incorporated
Released: 5 February 2021
Find it: Bandcamp

‘Kill your darlings’, they say in the writing world: get rid of that which may have been necessary to the process of creation, but which is superfluous to a final piece. Here, with instrumental EP Flirty Lustre for Public Sector Gordian Stimm has taken their darlings born initially for a forthcoming LP and rather than kill them, breathed new life into them as a work unto themselves.

What results is a scratchy wonderland full of disjointed beats and sounds, at times uncomfortable and challenging but overall an intriguing and complex released, standing tall on its own and filling the listener with anticipation – for if these are the off-cuts the album to come is sounding desperately exciting.

Describing the release on Bandcamp label Amateur Pop Incorporated said: “Stripped of the sarcastic, incisory lyricism that defined Gordian Stimm’s debut album Your Body In On Itself, the new instrumental EP Flirty Lucre for Public Sector finds new ways to fully expose the intimacy and intricacy of the Gordian Stimm project, running the gauntlet from mastermind Maeve Westall’s signature creeping-insect sound design – all dismembered samples and synthetic noise.”

Tracks flow into each other at times, at others jostle against each other as the flow moves from mimicking organic sounds, to sinking willfully into cosmic clouds, or passing by almost too fast to catch. There’s an industrial edge to much here and the hint of stoicism. Cutting room floor maybe, but throw-away certainly not – everything here is carefully constructed, skillfully stitched, and without words says much about the artist and their inner world.

Flirty Lustre for Public Sector by Gordian Stimm is out now on Bandcamp. Read about Your Body In On Itself in our albums of the year 2020 list.

Find Gordian Stimm: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

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