The Dying Lights – Crash (self-release)

The Dying Lights – Crash (self-release)

Following the addition of songwriter & vocalist Marina Red, The Dying Lights release their second new single in the new line-up with Crash. 

Marina of The Dying LightsArtist: The Dying Lights
Track: Crash
Label: self-release
Released: 5 February 2021
Find it: Bandcamp

“The car crash is a fertilising rather than a destructive event,” so says the character of Vaughan in J.G.Ballard novel Crash, an implicit proposition in the otherwise unrelated The Dying Lights‘ single of the same name.

Against brash alt-rock riffs and a flirtation with loud-quiet dynamics, frontperson Marina Red commands the show with lyrics packed with sovereignty and attitude. While the overall sound may be somewhere between Incubus and The Cranberries – well-produced and rounded-off alt-rock – Marina’s vocals and assurance elicits the vibe of Siouxsie Sioux or ’80s era Cher (which might not seem a cool reference but very much is).

And while the Crash of the track may not be lyrically called out as a new beginning, as the event which births or resurrects some parts of the self, there is much oblique reference to it. The vocals soar beyond the rhythm-driven riffs, and stay steadily to the fore even as the melody falls in and out with the pace changes you’d expect in rock structures. It’s powerfully delivered stuff.

‘I’ll get the blame anyway / so I’m doing it my own way’

Originally formed in 2017 by Derek Holmes (also previously of Brave New World and Summer House) vocalist Marina Red joined in late 2019 giving new life and strength through a formidable songwriting partnership. Crash is the second single in this new line-up and showcases the no-nonsense confidence and bold musicality the band has found.

Crash by The Dying Lights is out digitally now. An EP is due later in 2021.

Find The Dying Lights: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

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