Barry – No More Boys / Neolithic Homosex (Related Records)

Barry – No More Boys / Neolithic Homosex (Related Records)

Following up their 2019 debut album with a double A about ‘chemsex and dinosaurs’ are London’s indiepoppers Barry with No More Boys and Neolithic Homosex. 

BarryArtist: Barry
Release: No More Boys / Neolithic Homosex
Label: Related Records
Released: digital out now / physical due 3 December 2021
Find it: Bandcamp | Spotify

Is there anything better than hand-claps in indiepop for lifting the mood? I don’t think so. And as a nation we need a brightener so this double-A release of No More Boys and Neolithic Homosex from queercore band Barry.

Following on from their 2019 self-titled album the band return with more of their always humorous, sometimes crass, infinitely danceable janglepop. With the release of these two tracks they do that finest of things – craft charmingly idiosyncratic and irreverent pop songs that make you laugh out loud while you bop along.

No More Boys brings a swaying multi-vocal swearing off evolving toward harmonies as the title line is repeated, pinned in place by a brilliant bass line. It’s led off by a sweet keyboard line which only serves to underline that 2 minutes is no-where near enough of Barry’s sound. Thank goodness then this is a double-A and we’ve another track to appease us.

Bringing to mind The Thyme Machine and The Lovely Eggs Neolithic Homosex bobs endearingly, before some stop-start stick clicks usher in a shimmying melody. Gang vocals and handclaps make this an instant sing-a-long with cute and infectious interludes.

A band we’re not hard pushed to imagine taking Indietracks by storm (alongside so many others featured on this site) Barry are bringing some much needed silliness with these pretty perfect indiepop bops. When everything can seem insurmountably dark, this band lead by example in finding the laughter and the joy.

Neolithic Homosex / No More Boys from Barry is out now digitally, with a 7″ releasing around 3 December 2021 and available for pre-order in the US via Related Records now.

Find Barry: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

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