th’sheridans – I Don’t Wanna Be Dismembered (Reckless Yes)

th’sheridans – I Don’t Wanna Be Dismembered (Reckless Yes)

A remastered release for th’sheridans I Don’t Wanna Be Dismembered brings the song to its final form with a video created from panels by Ishani Jasmin of Breakup Haircut. 

th'sheridans - Julia Oetli and Adam Sherif standing in front of a bright pink cloth backdropArtist: th’sheridans
Release: I Don’t Wanna Be Dismembered
Label: Reckless Yes
Released: 13 August
Find it: YouTube | Bandcamp | Spotify

It only seems like a minute since we were enthusing about I Don’t Wanna Be Dismembered by th’sheridans to you before but with a remastered release following their signing to Reckless Yes, a career-spanning compilation album on the way, and a brilliant new video we’re not missing the chance to rave about it some more.

On original release back in May 2020 we said: “At a time when struggle is at the forefront and change seems slow but possible, yet Populism and intolerance are on a terrifying charge down a path we already know the destination of; there sits this song. Sped up, with bigger production, it could have been a more obvious call to arms under the guise of a dance-floor filler. It doesn’t need to be more obvious or anything more than it is though. A perfect slice of lo-fi, doing what the best pop does: working on multiple levels to shoot an uncomfortable truth through the veins of a catchy refrain.”

Now remastered from other tracks from the band’s decade-long history I Don’t Wanna Be Dismembered finds its final form with a video created from panels by Ishani Jasmin, of Breakup Haircut. Of the remastered version of the track the band say: “This one appeared in 2016 and it took awhile to get the recording together. It sucks that it was / is still “relevant”? We tracked this live and it was recorded by Marcelo Terreiro (of Cecilia) – which was a wonderful experience. Ishani’s music video really feels like the song’s final form.”

The track starts as a weary-sounding and pared-back number with a vocal shaking with what…? Desperation to be heard, exhaustion at the labour, vulnerability at revealing a fear that so many will find a slightly ridiculous refrain? All of it, and none of it perhaps. As the guitar gives way to round and rolling rhythms, the song marches toward its oscillating yet defiantly lo-fi synth conclusion, making use of the John Cale / Velvet Underground drone template.

It is but one facet of this beguiling band who can effortlessly move between dishevelled indiepop anthem, to lo-fi punk, to infusing electro through their sound. If they aren’t a band you know already then prime yourself on the gems in their catalogue with the forthcoming compilation before digging deeper and uncovering more for yourself. 

I Don’t Wanna Be Dismembered by th’sheridans is out digitally now. Compilation Pieces Of General is set for release on limited CD and digital on 10 September via independent label Reckless Yes.

Find th’sheridans: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

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Disclosure: Sarah Lay is editor of Popoptica and co-founder of Reckless Yes, so has some involvement in the release of this record – but she really does only write about or work on music she loves.

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Sarah Lay

Sarah Lay is editor of Popoptica.
A long-standing music journalist she's also co-founder of independent record label Reckless Yes, an author of novels, and when not messing around with words and music, a digital strategist.
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