Life Model – Sit Still (Last Night From Glasgow)

Life Model – Sit Still (Last Night From Glasgow)

Five-piece Glaswegian dreampop band Life Model continue the fine janglepop tradition of the city on single Sit Still, ahead of debut album Lost On Weekdays, Lonely By Sunday, out on Last Night From Glasgow.

Life Model

Artist: Life Model
Track: Sit Still
Label: Last Night From Glasgow
Released: 20 August 2021
Find it: Spotify

Following the release of Saskia earlier this year Glaswegian five-piece Life Model follow it up with the equally dreamy, if a little more upbeat single, Sit Still ahead of debut album Lost On Weekdays, Lonely By Sunday dropping in September.

With heartbeat drums, a crunch of guitar and softly harmonised vocals there is certainly that twee pop lineage showing up here, but it’s hooking up with a US punk-pop energy. For every lyrical nod to Orange Juice there is a fuzzy riff and vocal catch straight from Upset. There’s a softer Winter Passing vibe, and of course all those classic Glasgow bedroom pop bands are echoing in the notes – The Pastels, Teenage Fanclub et al.

They pick up the yearning which has characterised their heritage, telling the tales of when romance tips toward desperation, and add to it a sweeping but not indulgent guitar solo making this a bittersweet perfection of a pop song. I’m not really one for that sort of spun out soloing but here it just works, offsetting the verses where guitars drop away to leave the vocals more exposed – structurally reflecting some of the isolation recounted in the lyrics.

Those lyrics also contain the album title, reminding us we’ve just a couple of impatient weeks to wait before we can sink fully into the sound Life Model are conjuring. After a slow build of releases, and off the back of these latest singles, it feels high time we get to hear that fuller collection of songs as soft as mizzle, as sharp as the sunlight breaking through the grey, as familiar and new as any true love affair tends to be.

Sit Still by Life Model is out now digitally via Last Night From Glasgow. Debut album Lost On Weekdays, Lonely By Sunday follows on 10 September on vinyl, CD, and digital – available for order now.

Find Life Model: Twitter | Facebook | Spotify

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