Fräulein – Belly (Practise Music)

Fräulein – Belly (Practise Music)

The first track from a double-A side London-based duo Fräulein commit direct to tape and release single Belly via Practise Music. 

FräuleinArtist: Fraulein
Track: Belly
Label: Practise Music
Released: 26 August 2021
Find it: Bandcamp | Spotify

Back in July last year, in between lockdowns and stumbling our way through summer, we enthused over a demo from duo Fräulein and now here there are – as we hoped – with a full-fledged release delivering on their early promise in single Belly.

That earlier demo – Mary – had us captivated with a carefully structured grunge sound swirling around the lyrical reduction of self. We said of it, “The brooding guitar, the tension held in the rhythm, the captivating vocals: these demos show Fräulein are quietly but defiantly becoming one of the most deft alt-rock bands around.” And with their faltering but riff-heavy April 2021 single Pretty People they continued to intrigue us and with this latest release Belly – the first to be shared from a double A side – we’ve only solidified our view that Fräulein are something very special.

Of Belly the singer and lyricist Joni Samuels said, “Belly is a song that is written around its lyrics. I’m talking about how creativity can be bloody and exhausting for some people but really organic and energising for some others”. She told Hot Press, “creativity for some can be a natural and easy flowing process, green and sweet like apple pie. for others, it can be as painful as pulling out a rib.”

Like earlier tracks there is a somewhat sinister edge and doomy energy at play here. Esoteric religious iconography is scattered through the lyrics and here it is the creation story mirroring the creative process described. Forbidden fruit, lush green ‘leaves grow jagged’, and what is made is held inside until the perfect moment. A relentless roll of rhythm, with crashing percussion and churning guitar underpins the almost-chanted vocals – a lyrical recitation of how paralysing comparison can be to the act of creativity.

Fräulein aren’t only knocking out these winning tracks one after the other but are leaning into the process too. Belly was recorded straight to tape – an oddity in the digital recording era, and showing both confidence and prowess in what they do and bringing a warmth and deeper rawness to the sound. It also brings with it a nod back to their influences – rock bands of the ’70s and ’90s – paired with collage artwork further showing the importance of analogue to these releases for the band.

Singular in their approach, deft in their delivery Fräulein continue to be one of the most exciting bands around with huge potential as they build from these early releases. We honestly can’t wait to hear more from them.

Belly by Fräulein is out now digitally via Practise Music. A second single, forming the double-A, is set to follow. See social media for the band’s latest live dates.

Find Fräulein: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

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