Piney Gir – Breathe, Howl, Flower Moon (Reckless Yes)

Piney Gir – Breathe, Howl, Flower Moon (Reckless Yes)

Taken from recent EP Astral Spectra the latest video for track Breathe, Howl, Flower Moon by Piney Gir was too good not to revisit – our video of the day on the site today. 

Piney GirArtist: Piney Gir
Track: Breathe, Howl, Flower Moon
Label: Reckless Yes
Released: 13 August 2021
Find it: Bandcamp | Spotify | YouTube

Bloom where you are planted the flower moon tells us. Rising in the May night, glowing with creativity and the coming abundance ahead of its season, empowering us to loose the binds that hold us back from being who we are, pushing us into the visceral and fierce throes of healing.

There’s a heady energy of renewal, of potential, in the flower moon and it’s this which pulses through Breathe, Howl, Flower Moon from Piney Gir too. Released as part of EP Astral Spectra earlier in the summer we’ve come back to this beautifully shot video today, finding comfort in its swirling colours.

With earthy rhythms and cosmic vibes, guitar steps between Country and the Summer Of Love, Sax underlining the melodies as reverb builds the ’60s rock echoes. The arcane feel in the lyrics is reflected in the video, directed by Tristan Davies, where rainbows illuminate the shadows, movement is ritual, and the sense you’re on the verge of remembering some knowledge long forgotten throbs through each frame.

‘Breathe in as you dream away / sow the seed to grow and make’

Astral Spectra followed on from Gir’s seventh solo album You Are Here, released in 2019, and is the first in a set of conceptual EPs. With themes of witchcraft and honouring our ancestors it encourages a view of embracing the now to improve our future. Piney’s deep appreciation of everything from ‘60s pop to psychedelia, classic rock to bubblegum pop shines through on songs which masterfully weave through time thematically and musically. 

Those themes are in abundance here too. From the eye motif on the Special Needles dresses worn by Gir and her Roxy companions Amy Ashworth and Emma Brammer (who also choreographed the movement here) to the nod to Salam, gold letters on a box which illuminates the curious. The setting is obscured by the colours, the overlaid imagery, the patterns in the film, but whatever magic they are working the coven moving together as one here gives off a nurturing, natural energy perfectly aligned with the music.

While needing no-one to speak for her Gir, and her fellow Roxys, were just named as the artists Noel Gallagher most likes to collaborate with. As his backing singers in High Flying Birds, he says he writes songs with their vocals in mind, telling the NME “Every time I write a song now, I hear those girls in the background somewhere doing something amazing.” With any luck the endorsement will bring Gir’s songwriting and catalogue to the attention of more folk, captivate them with the psych-infused rock and vibrantly creative concepts she’s currently producing.

And the four-tracks of Astral Spectra show she really is in her golden age of songwriting. Organic sounding tracks resonating so strongly with Gir’s previous work and the music she loves, blooming beautifully and confidently – Breathe, Howl, Flower Moon is the magic you might be missing right now.

Watch Breathe, Howl, Flower Moon by Piney Gir

Breathe, Howl, Flower Moon is taken from EP Astral Spectra, out now on limited CD and digital via Reckless Yes. Piney has autumn tour dates supporting Salad.

You can read our interview with Piney Gir from the release of her You Are Here album on the site – covering creative natures, mental health, and her journey as a musician.

Find Piney Gir: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

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Disclosure: Sarah Lay is editor of Popoptica and co-founder of Reckless Yes, so has some involvement in the release of this record – but she really does only write about or work on music she loves.

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