About Popoptica

About Popoptica

Yes, we are another music website.

But we’re a little different too. We’re all about long form writing, and a slower approach to creating and reading about music and artists with pieces you can sink into and explore. We want to give as much cultural context as we do opinion, and use pieces as the start or as part of a conversation.

We explore what it means to be a musician and how the music industry is changing. We support unsigned as a choice, and recognise independents as the new Majors. Genres can be helpful but we place no boundaries on what we cover although we prefer to support under-represented artists and give space which isn’t being held elsewhere already. We don’t think the only time artists are interesting to talk to is when they have a new release due, and understand discovery can be divorced from release dates.

Writing may tend toward the academic sometimes, but strives for connection and to be accessible. Above all the Popoptica way is respect for reader and artist, and critique before clicks.

Submissions for coverage

  • we don’t carry music news
  • we don’t publish exclusives or premieres
  • we don’t do standard reviews
  • we do not charge artists to be featured on the site – and encourage them not to work with publications which do.

Our specialism is features, interviews, investigative and opinion pieces along with introducing you to our favourite new releases and artists. We work around 4 weeks in advance for new music pieces, and the lead time for interviews and reviews can be much longer.

We are always interested in coverage of local or genre scenes, and investigative pieces about the music industry and issues affecting musicians. We’re also interested in hearing from musicians about their work away from music and how creativity is supported and challenged by different roles. We’re also interested in pieces challenging the established industry and looking for ways the business could work better for artists. 

If you are a musician with something you’d like us to consider for coverage please get in touch. PRs and labels are welcome to drop us a line too but please don’t add us to your mailing list as we will just remove anything which is clearly a circular.

Contribute, write or photograph for us

Popoptica is founded by music journalist and record label co-owner Sarah Lay. If you’d like to get in touch about contributing you can do so here.

We are always interested in ideas from musicians, and pitches from music writers (whether you’re just starting out or have been in the game a long while) which fit with our editorial slant.

The Popoptica team

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