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Contact us

Whether you want to send us a pitch for a feature as a musician (or label, or PR) or you have something you’d like write for the site you can get in touch with Popoptica’s editor.

Sarah Lay

Please note:

  • we prioritise giving space to under-represented artists and marginalised groups
  • we don’t cover news
  • we don’t carry premieres
  • we don’t currently do conventional reviews.

Don’t add us to mailing lists – we’ll delete anything which is obviously a circular and hasn’t taken into account what sort of site we are, or what we usually write about.

Give us enough time to write about you. We work at least 4 weeks in advance for New Music pieces to hit the site – although we don’t mind whether a track is coming up for release or is already out.

More information about what our focus is and what we’re interested in here.

If you’ve been featured…

If you’ve been featured on Popoptica we’d like you to think about doing some or all of the following. You’re not compelled or expected to but we believe in community and not individualism so these make sense to us:

  • Share: the piece on your social media, your mailing lists, and on your website. Ask anyone in your team (labels, PRs, pluggers, booking agents) to do the same. It benefits us both if your piece gets read. There are share buttons on every piece so you don’t even have to copy and paste the URL if you don’t feel like it.
  • Follow: hit the Like or Follow button on the Popoptica social media accounts (Twitter | Facebook). Don’t just stop by for your own coverage but join us to discover and support other artists too.
  • Support: we’ll never ask you to pay for coverage on this site, and we’re unlikely to sign up to submission platforms that disguise the act of paying for coverage by sitting inbetween us. Everything we do at Popoptica is self-funded and will continue to be so as far as we know. If you’ve liked something here and are able, buy us a Ko-Fi – it helps us keep the lights on at the site, recognises music and music journalism have value, and quite honestly absolutely makes our day to know we connected.