OVVLS – Original Sin (self-released)

OVVLS – Original Sin (self-released)

Collaborating with Brian Campbell of Clinic Liverpool duo OVVLS has given a taste of their forthcoming debut album with the release of single Original Sin. 

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Track: Original Sin
Label: Self-released
Released: 24 July 2020
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Are we all born sinners? Do we all have the urge to do bad things? Are we all part of huge wrong-doing? So original sin would have us believe and the new single from Liverpool duo OVVLS (pronounced Owls) takes this basis and pushes it forward. Stolen fruit tastes the sweetest, indeed.

Co-written and produced with Brian Campbell of Clinic there is plenty of noir-psychedelics in the echoing electronics and trembling beats. The vocals float across the surface of darkly brooding depths toward a thrashing climax in which we’re implored to repent.

It’s a compelling listen full of atmospherics and the feeling that absolution wouldn’t be half as interesting as doubling-down on any sin.

‘History repeating / The Devil’s Feeding’

The band is known for their collaborative work and Original Sin is the first track to be taken from their forthcoming debut album. Along with Campbell they bring in filmmaker Chris Daw to construct a psychedelic trip through the Garden of Eden, as vintage stock is made to walk a fine line between dream and nightmare through overlays of bubbling neon colours.

There’s plenty of interesting stuff happening here and it raises plenty of intrigue about the album to come, while being a nicely done piece of industrial-slanted gothic electronica.

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