Nova Twins – Play Fair (Nova Twins / 333 Wreckords Crew)

Nova Twins – Play Fair (Nova Twins / 333 Wreckords Crew)

With industrial-influenced grinding beats and heavy riffs Nova Twins release new single Play Fair from their recently released and stunning debut album Who Are The Girls?

Nova Twins Play Fair press imageArtist: Nova Twins
Track: Play Fair
Label: Nova Twins / 333 Wreckords Crew)
Released: 28 August 2020
Find it: Spotify

Creativity is destruction, and underground music is long-overdue levelling from the full force energy Nova Twins bring. The sound becomes physical as it prickles along your skin and unconcerned with genre boundaries latest single Play Fair blends metal, industrial, punk, rap, and rock to conjure a furious yet innovative blast.

A stand out from what is a blistering debut album the track takes an implicit stand: this isn’t a band trying to be accepted by an established scene but one which has shaped and taken their own space. They don’t demand to be heard but have simply made themselves impossible to ignore. Among the rising noise of so much music, and 60 years into ‘all-been-done-before’ rock n roll, that’s quite something.

A powerful vocal sears the ground around a twitching guitar-line melded to writhing beats. There is no soft-lead in here but an immediate kick in, with only slight respite to catch breath before the industrial-level grind is back and you’re consumed by the energy once more. Brace yourself, lean in…the overblown machismo of rock has finally, thankfully, been felled and Nova Twins will take the lead from here.

‘I I, I know I should know better / But getting through to you requires savage behaviour’

This band are pushing at the boundaries of several genres to produce an innovative sound, while their very existence rightfully challenges timid sensitivities and narrow minds. Female voices, Black voices, are still so sidelined in punk but Nova Twins are here to stay, are here to be heard and Play Fair puts them way in front of their peers for fearless innovation, pure and masterfully targeted rock n roll energy.

Taken from album Who Are The Girls? – out now. The band has rescheduled UK and Europe live dates in April 2021 – see their website and social media for full details. Tickets available here.

Find Nova Twins: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Website

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