Lobsterbomb – Go! Go! Go! (self-released)

Lobsterbomb – Go! Go! Go! (self-released)

Go! Go! Go! is the debut EP from Berlin-based three-piece indie rock by way of punk pop Lobsterbomb – out now digitally and introducing the riotous sound of the band.

Lobsterbomb by Andie RiekstinaArtist: Lobsterbomb
Release: Go! Go! Go!
Label: self-released
Released: 30 July 2021
Find it: Bandcamp | Spotify

It was somewhat inevitable that those who managed to remain creative through the events of the last 18 months would find self-reflection made up a good portion of their work.

That may well become wearing quite quickly – for even if we haven’t been creative, we have all lived through and reflected in similar circumstances – but blended as it is here with lashings of punk fun on Go! Go! Go!, the debut EP from Berlin-based Lobsterbomb, that reflection retain an energy its much easier to feel vitalised by.

After several failed attempts at forming bands their current line up – Nico Rosch vocals/guitar, Vic Chi drums, and Crayon Jones guitar – met through the @weformedaband Instagram page run by Gurr. This line up seems to have hit the spot having spent the last year working on the EP, and building a sound which at times subtly echoes with everything from The Slits, to Le Tigre, to Fight Like Apes, Shampoo, and Patti Smith all recorded DIY style by the band and mixed by Peter Thoms (Acne Kid Joe).

Kicking off with their debut single from back in January Yes Yes Yeah brings a fizzing energy reflecting those first heady rushes of falling in love, the anticipation and the uncertainty channeling through the build of fuzz and chime guitars, the insistent and raw vocals, the steady heartbeat rhythm. It creates a brilliantly energetic track, with that brooding energy dispelled suddenly in a change of pace and gang vocals, the song racing itself and bursting with joy.

It’s a fair introduction to the whole EP – this mix of energies and tempos. There might be a slight falter behind some songs but this feels deliberate, part of the breathless, absolute rush of this release. There’s some more interesting details across the tracks too – this isn’t all surface noise, but something thoughtfully put together.

The ’60s pop vocal harmony build in the chaos of I Want Noise brings a warmth to the demands, the Mony Mony guitar stabs (yes, we’re talking Billy Idol) opening up Wake Up give an insistent melody to underpin lyrics of societal pressure perfectly, the sudden change in feel and pace as Monster enters all roiling guitar melodies once again benefiting from that deeper listen to really take in the detail which has been packed beneath the top layers.

The EP closes with the highly danceable Ready To Go, a perfect calling card for this band who set out and achieved the making of something from nothing. The sounds of punk-rock past once again echo and yet it sounds – cliched as this might be – totally fresh.

With ‘themes of personal introspection, desire for change, and personal growth’ seen through ‘a lens of raw and energetic, catchy indie rock’ the five-track EP is as ubiquitous in theme, as it is individual in experiences shared, and sparking with the almost feral energy of a new found creative outlet it’s hard not to get drawn along by – not that you’d want to hold back, this is freedom, fun, and full of potential.

Go! Go! Go! is a fantastic, fast-paced, first release from this exciting band with an energy which is completely infectious, and offers a wild abandon, a liberation from the slower, smaller lives we’ve been leading in favour of visceral colourful connection.

Go! Go! Go! EP by Lobsterbomb is out digitally now.

Find Lobsterbomb: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

Band image: Andie Riekstina

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