Wyndow – All Cameras Gone (Summer Critics)

Wyndow – All Cameras Gone (Summer Critics)

Ahead of a self-titled debut album Wyndow (Lavinia Blackwall and Laura J Martin) release latest single All Cameras Gone via Summer Critics.

WyndowArtist: Wyndow
Track: All Cameras Gone
Label: Summer Critics
Released: 9 September 2021
Find it: Bandcamp | Spotify

It’s all loops and sun-faded library music on the soothing journey we take on All Cameras Gone, the new single from Lavinia Blackwall and Laura J Martin collaboration Wyndow.

With the strobing sunlight through the branches of passing trees we travel, the bubbling burns of grainy film disintegrating popping as we go, percussion the hiss of movement over tracks. With a celebratory skip of the heart, soar of the soul, folk instrumentation and vocal harmony we are moved through a pastoral landscape, coloured in and created as we go. It’s a heady mix, gentle and insistent, warm and rounded, blending the natural with positive progress.

‘Saw the landscape / Saw the no return / Watched the film work / Watched the reels burn’

Describing the album Martin said they have created, “tunes for whacked out worriers lifting weights in the worry gym,” where “feeling uneasy never felt so easy.”

Making use of repetition and loops this track, and by all accounts the wider album, draw you in to a fully realised world. Working with multi-instrumentalist Marco Rea (Euros Child, Alex Rex) the pair created new textures with copious analogue synthesis where treated acoustic instruments were mined, and even fretless bass was not off-limits. Polyrhythms and experimental jazz birth huge sonic soundscapes where, vast and undulating, and peppered with delighting details.

It all comes together in All Cameras Gone to be something which sounds familiar in its nostalgia infused here (there’s a sense of Pathé footage and the romance of halcyon days), and yet is bright and fresh and on repeat until the album drops.

All Cameras Gone by Wyndow is out digitally now via Summer Critics. The self-titled debut album follows on 8 October and is available for pre-order now.

Find Wyndow: Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | Bandcamp

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