Dimorphodons – The Factory (Hand of Glory)

Dimorphodons – The Factory (Hand of Glory)

The Factory, a second track from Dimorphodons forthcoming debut EP has been released and is perfect slacker-dreampop with a dystopian undertow. 

Dimorphodons - Searching for Dimorphodons single coverArtist: Dimorphodons
Track: The Factory
Label: Hand of Glory
Released: 21 August 2020
Find it:  Spotify

Using time as a mode of understanding Dimorphodons has released a second single, The Factory, from his forthcoming debut EP. Where the first single was a full freakbeat assault this one draws deeply on ’60s pop for a shimmering surface hiding claustrophobia in its depths.

Aside from the sound the process of this song shows a commendable disregard for any constraints on music-making. The foundations for the song were recorded by a then teenage Dimorphodons on an old four-track before being picked up in the present and reworked and completed by his now-older self. He describes it as, “A collaboration between my present self and my sixteen old self.” Time as a mode of understanding, as something that is with us rather than happening to us, is reflected in the lyrics as well as in the process of creation.

In the rise and fall of the piano too comes the influence of the paintings of L.S.Lowry and what Dimorphodons describes as ‘smoggy, short-distance horizons put to song.’ It pleasantly plods, it references the factories iconic in the artists best known works, and gives the sense of both ennui through slacker-vibe vocals and bone-deep perseverance at a never-ending cycle through that repeating piano refrain. Add the layer of the claustrophobic, introspective and mirrored video and you’ve got a track which messes with your mind as much as challenges your understanding of time and reflects from both ends of a life whether finite time was well spent.

Coming from a forthcoming EP – Searching for Dimorphodons – where each track represents a different time and place from the mid-Jurassic to the present day, this is an excellent second offering. Cohesive enough with the first single to start to build an idea of what the EP might offer and different enough to show some fascinating range and imagination.

The debut EP Searching for Dimorphodons is out on 11 September via Hand of Glory, including as a single-sided 12″ vinyl. An album is expected in 2021.

Find Dimorphodons: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

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