Daniela Andrade – K.L.F.G (Crooked Lid Records)

Daniela Andrade – K.L.F.G (Crooked Lid Records)

Taken from a forthcoming EP Daniela Andrade has shared new single K.L.F.G – full of woozy electronics the track is both expansive and incredibly intimate.
Daniela Andrade credit Jean Francois Suave

Artist: Daniela Andrade
Track: K.L.F.G
Label: Crooked Lid Records
Released: 17 September 2020
Find it: Spotify

They say that every sin begins as a thought. They say we have the choice on how to act on those thoughts. We can fight some internal battle and resist what we’re told is not good for us; is plain old not good. We can succumb and let ourselves be led toward temptation; let the body enact what the mind has begun.

Whichever path is chosen those thoughts are powerful, they are insistent. We will each in all likelihood experience at least once the magnetic pull toward another those thoughts give, humming through us with a resonance pitched to drown out the rational list of reasons why we should not act upon them.

Whether it is sin, or something else, we all know the irresistible draw of someone we should stay away from. Daniela Andrade captures that resist/succumb internal to and fro on recent single K.L.F.G, released ahead of EP Nothing Much Has Changed, I Don’t Feel The Same. 

In a sub-two minute slow burn of woozy electronics, the crunch-and-click punctuates while lyrically the track moves from the emotional question of temptation ultimately to the physical answer. It is deeply sensual in delivery, intimate and compelling. Beautiful flourishes of melody bloom around the laid-bare repeats of ‘kissing, licking, fucking, good’, breathing adding to the rhythm, before a sudden end – a light-off as we’re caught out, or caught in, or nudged from the spiral by some other force.

While thematically the track reflects a sort of surrender, there is unflinching empowerment here too – it is not temptation from an outside force or the male gaze, the choice is not led by external expectations, but rather this is full self-sovereignty and pure, female, sexuality. The thought, the action, the consequence are all in Andrade’s hands and there is reward whichever way the decision falls.

Intimate in the extreme K.L.F.G falls deeper into the electronics Andrade has turned toward, while strongly reflecting established RnB sensuality, albeit turned from male to female gaze. Building on last year’s Tamale EP, which mixed jazz and soul while honouring her Honduran roots, this latest single is her most complete work yet and leads enticingly toward her forthcoming release.

K.L.F.G comes from new EP Nothing Much Has Changed, I Don’t Feel The Same which is set for release on 30 September 2020.

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Photo: Jean Francois Suave

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