Bleach Lab – Talk It Out (self released)

Bleach Lab – Talk It Out (self released)

Ahead of their second EP Nothing Feels Real Bleach Lab has channeled ’90s alt-rock on nw single Talk It Out.

Bleach Lab by PolochoArtist: Bleach Lab
Track: Talk It Out
Label: self-released
Released: 1 September 2021
Find it: Bandcamp | Spotify

Some times emotions feel like water. The icy plunge of shock, the comforting hold of a warm bath, the ungraspable flow, the all of one and all of nothing. It’s the insistent slow wear down of the drip drip drip of the tap, the vastness of the ocean, inviting surfaces leading to dangerous depths. You can drown here, or you can swim.

Songs can be like that too, and Talk It Out from Bleach Lab tonally gives us the watery feels. In the vocal waves we are taken from the weariness of a failing relationship, through to the strength in finding your own voice once more. There’s Mazzy Star, The Cranberries, The Martinis in the velveteen tones, in the delicacy and the power flowing melodically here, there’s masterful Taylor Swift level pop vulnerabilities too in the sharing of the intimate, in the cleansing found in accepting the rain.

Of the track the band said, “Talk It Out started as a song about mental health and times when people should open up about their inner thoughts and anxieties.

“As the song developed, we approached it from a perspective of being run down so much by a relationship that you thought you loved so much but over time realising that it’s changing who you are, all just to make the other person happy at the cost of your own happiness.”

The band’s first EP A Calm Sense of Surrounding was released in March and leant into the vulnerability too. There it was grief and loss, now it is more broadly mental health and complex emotions. At times raw their sound is rarely sharp-edged, and the fearlessly and honestly open themselves, their experiences, and feelings without becoming indulgent.

Carefully composed but sounding effortless in delivery Bleach Lab once again show the maturity in their sound and approach, their fragility and their strength. Dive in with Talk It Out, this water is fine.

Talk It Out by Bleach Lab is out digitally now. The band’s second EP Nothing Feels Real will be released on 15 October 2021.

Find Bleach Lab: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

Band image: Polocho

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